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Fire Damage in Your Indianapolis Commercial Building

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Building Fire

Nothing can be more devastating than a fire occurring in a business. Whether it’s an office building, a warehouse, an industrial facility, or a data center; a fire can lead to smoke damage, fire damage, and downtime.

If you do experience a fire to your Indianapolis business, then you want to call the fire remediation experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West immediately. They will be able to clean up the fire and smoke damage and make it like it never happened.

Top Causes of Commercial Building Fires

To reduce the risk of fire in your Indianapolis commercial workspace, it’s important to know the top causes of fires and take the appropriate steps to reduce the risk. Below we cover the top causes of fire in commercial and office spaces.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are common in office spaces, data centers, and server rooms where faulty electrical equipment, frayed wires, and overloaded plugs can easily cause fires. Hot running equipment like computers and heavy industrial equipment can also easily cause a fire by running too hot.

To prevent electrical fires, you can take several preventive steps. One step is not to overload electrical sockets. While an overloaded power socket could trip your breaker and cut off the power, it could also cause sparks that could catch papers or carpet or other combustible materials on fire.

If you use an extension cord, be sure to check it for any frays or damage. Never use a damaged extension cord as it can cause a short and start a fire. If you are using equipment that can get very hot, make sure they are well ventilated and that they aren’t dusty or dirty. Dust is highly combustible and can easily start a fire if a spark occurs in your equipment.

Flammable & Combustible Materials

Many Indianapolis businesses use flammable liquids and materials in their commercial spaces. It’s important to always store any flammable liquids in their proper storage containers. It’s even more important to make sure they are completely sealed as the vapors are what usually cause a fire.

If flammable liquids and materials aren’t sealed, vapors can build up in the space where they are stored. If a spark from turning on a light or from static occurs, this could not only cause a fire but an explosion.

Train your staff on how to properly store, use, and dispose of any flammable liquids and/or materials. If flammable liquids are spilled, make sure you properly clean them up as well as ventilated the space where they were spilled. Remember that it’s the vapors that are most dangerous.

Human Error

We all make mistakes, unfortunately, some mistakes can cause fires. Improper use of equipment, spilled liquids on electrical equipment, forgetting to turn off heat generating equipment, and mishandling flammable liquids are just a few ways that mistakes by your staff can lead to fires.

While mistakes will be made, you can reduce common ones by training your employees on the dangers of fire in the workplace. Common practices like never leaving food cooking in the microwave or on the stove unattended. Unplugging space heaters before leaving the office. Not placing drinks where they could spill on electronics. And if a fire should occur, it’s important to educate your employees on what to do.

General Negligence

Negligence isn’t the same as human error. Negligence in the workplace is not following proper safety procedures. Negligence can occur throughout your Indianapolis business. Improperly storing and sealing flammable liquids can cause a fire. Storing papers and flammable materials too close to heat generating equipment can cause a fire. Blocking ventilation of electronic equipment like computers can cause them to overheat and start a fire. Not properly disposing of cigarette butts can quickly lead to a fire.

Reducing the chances of fire caused by general negligence, and an understanding of potential risks, teaching your staff to work according to safety procedures can help. If you don’t have standard operating procedures for your work, you may want to create some. Standard operating procedures can include ways to reduce the risks and how to avoid them.


The last common cause of business fires is arson. While it may seem like arson from vandals seems unpreventable, you can take steps to reduce the chance of it occurring. Make sure your business is properly lit at night to discourage vandals from approaching your business.

If you have areas of the business that are hidden by bushes or trees, you may want to consider trimming them back. Surveillance cameras in areas that have little traffic can help keep trouble at bay.

No Job is Too Big for the Commercial Restoration Experts

Understanding the common causes of fires in business can help you and your employees take steps to reduce the risks. If you should experience a fire in your business, it’s important to immediately call the fire department to extinguish the fire. Once the fire is put out, the next step you need to take is to call the business fire restoration experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West.

SERVPRO of Indianapolis West has the equipment and expertise to handle any smoke, fire, and water damage that may occur from a business fire. They will be able to quickly return your business to full operation so you aren’t losing money to downtime. You can contact them online or call them at 317-243-3149.

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