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Top Ways Severe Storms Damage Indiana Homes & Businesses

6/25/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Top Ways Severe Storms Damage Indiana Homes & Businesses Severe Storms Can Easily Damage Indiana Homes and Businesses in Many Ways

Severe storms are as common as corn in Indiana, especially during the spring and summer time. While they are usually short lived and tend to blow through rather quickly, storms can leave a path of destruction for businesses and homes in Indiana. The worst part about severe storms is they have many ways to cause storm damage in Indiana with very little ways to prevent it.

Damage from Heavy Winds

The summer time seems to be the most popular for storms with heavy winds. They usually run in a vertical line and rip across the state from the west to the east. While they blow through quickly, their winds can reach up to 70+ mph. These damaging winds can tear shingles off roofs, rip trees out of the ground, pull siding off of homes, and blow large debris through windows. Once they tear or blast a hole into a home or business, the rains can come inside and cause further damage.

Damage from Large Hail

Golf ball-sized, baseball-size, softball-sized...there are many ways to describe the size of the hale and unfortunately, they are all quite destructive. Hailstorms tend to cause the most damage to cars and roofs. It’s not surprising to see dozens of roofing companies out installing new shingles after a large hailstorm. Hail usually doesn’t cause further damage besides dents in cars and damaged shingles but the larger hailstorms can break glass windows and doors and tear up roofs enough to cause water to leak inside.

Damage from Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes can be very scary and deadly. While you should be safe if you are inside when there is a lightning storm, the lightning can damage your home in a couple different ways. The main damage lightning causes homes and businesses are starting fires. Lightning can cause an electrical fire by striking and running through all of your home's wires. It can also ignite wood whether it be a tree beside your home or the home itself. Lightning can also hit large trees and cause them to fall. Trees falling on homes and tearing holes through roofs and sometimes destroying an entire side of a home are where lightning can cause the most damage.

Damage from Heavy Rains

As the storms roll through your area, they can release a lot of water in a quick amount of time. This quick accumulation of rain can cause flash flooding and overwhelm sump pumps. Flooded basements or water seeping through the basement walls is a common occurrence that we have all either experienced or known someone that has experienced this terrible event. With storms causing water damage inside homes and businesses, it’s important to act quickly to get the water removed and the affected areas dried out. It only takes a day before storm water can cause even more damage by promoting mold to grow in the damp areas. Mold can grow in the carpets, drywall, wood framing, furniture, and insulation. It can turn a bad situation into a much worse situation requiring mold remediation.

Damage from Tornadoes

When it comes to storm damage in Indiana, tornadoes can be the most destructive. A direct hit from a tornado can tear off roofs, blow out windows, hurl large debris through exterior walls, and at their worse, they can completely level a home or business. With an indirect hit, businesses and home can experience broken windows and damage to roofs. All of this damage from a tornado can lead to more damage from rains entering the home or building which can then lead to mold growth.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you should experience storm damage to your Indianapolis-area home or business, contact the storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317.243.3149. The professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West have the specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications to quickly cleanup, repair, and remediate damage from fire, water, mold,  and storms to home and businesses around central Indiana.

No Job Is Too Big - Commercial Restoration, Remediation & Cleaning Services

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial No Job Is Too Big - Commercial Restoration, Remediation & Cleaning Services No job is too big for SERVPRO of Indianapolis West.

Whether your business is a small retail store or a multi-building campus of buildings, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West has the expertise and the equipment to handle any fire, water, or mold emergency in central Indiana.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can happen in many ways. In apartment complexes, there could be an overflowing bathtub or toilet that causes damage in the complex. A frozen pipe in a warehouse could burst and cause extensive damage. A burst pipe or a leaking roof in a manufacturing plant can shut down the production line causing huge losses. When any of these events happens, it’s important to call water damage professionals immediately in order to alleviate the damage. When hiring a water damage cleanup company, it’s important to make sure they have the expertise and equipment to such a large job.

Commercial Fire Damage

Even the smallest of fires can result in extensive damage to a building. While the fire itself can be isolated and extinguished quickly, the culprit of most damage after a fire is the smoke. Smoke can get into the duct work and quickly spread throughout the building. With fire and smoke damage, it’s important to hire fire restoration professionals that can quickly restore your business, your warehouse, your facility, or your residential complex.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold is the result of a moisture problem that has usually been neglected. This can be the result of a leaky pipe that is hidden behind a wall or in a ceiling. Mold can also grow quickly when there has been water damage from the contaminated water like a broken sewer pipe or flooding from a nearby river or stream. Contaminated water, also known as gray water or black water, can quickly promote mold growth in less than 24 hours. If not treated, it can quickly grow and cause not only property damage but potential health risks among inhabitants.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms can cause all types of damage to a building. They can cause flooding from rising rivers. They cause water leaks from damaged roofs. They can cause fires from lightning strikes. Tornadoes and high winds can break windows, tear down walls, rip off roofs, and in the worst cases they can level the entire building. A professional fire and water restoration company has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to handle any type of storm damage.

Damage to a business can come in many forms. From fire to flooding to water damage to storm damage and everything in between, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West has the experience, equipment, and expertise to make it like it never happened. Whether you have a small store or a multi-building complex, call the commercial restoration, remediation, and cleaning experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149.

Can Mold Grow In Air Ducts? Can It Make You Sick?

6/17/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Can Mold Grow In Air Ducts? Can It Make You Sick? Can mold grow in your heating and cooling ducts?

Air ducts can hide mold and dust that can make you and your family sick. If you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned, then you may want to have them cleaned. If you are changing the furnace filter often due to the filters getting dirty and clogged, then you will probably want to get the air ducts cleaned professionally. If your ducts have a musty odor smell to them, then you may have mold growth that you will want to get treated right away.

The EPA actually recommends that you check the air ducts prior to the heating season for excessive dust to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning. Another symptom of dirty air ducts is household allergies or unexplained illnesses. In the end, if you have lived in your home for many years, the air ducts have probably accumulated dust and debris over time. The furnace filters will only be able to collect so much of the dust.

Once you have a  professional clean your air ducts, you should follow some simple steps to keep the ducts cleaner over time. You should use the highest efficiency filters to collect the most dust and debris. You should also change the air filters on a regular basis to keep them from getting clogged and inefficient.

If you have construction going on in your home where there is a lot of dust, seal off any return registers near the area to keep the ducts from getting contaminated and dirty. Also, cleaning and vacuuming your home on a regular basis can help keep the dust out of the air and out of your air ducts.

If the air ducts in your home are dirty, smell musty, or are causing allergies in your household, call the mold and cleaning experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to remediate any mold that may be growing in your air ducts.

How To Get Smoke Odor Out of Fabric

5/17/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Get Smoke Odor Out of Fabric How to get smoke out of fabric.

If you suffered a fire in your home, then there’s a good chance that some of your fabric furniture smells like smoke. With harder, nonporous surfaces, you can usually remove the smoke odors with cleaning solutions. You’ll find removing smoke odors much more difficult when dealing with more porous surfaces like fabric couches, clothes, and rugs. So how does one remove smoke odors from porous surfaces like fabric furniture?


The Baking Soda Method


Using baking soda to eliminate smoke odors seems to be a popular method. The idea is to sprinkle baking soda onto the surface and the baking soda will absorb the odors. While this may work with surface odors, this doesn’t work well to get deep-seated smoke odors out of the foam cushions of sofas and the carpet pads under carpets.


Airing It Out


Another popular remedy to get the smoke out is to set the furniture or rug out in the fresh air. While this may work for a rug or thin fabric, it most likely won’t help with sofas and fabric furniture. Also due to the chemical nature of smoke, airing it out won’t cause the smoke particles to break down and the smoke odor to go away.


The Best Way to Remove Smoke Odor


If you are looking for the best and only way to remove smoke odor from fabrics and porous surfaces, then you will want to call a professional fire and mold remediation company like SERVPRO Indianapolis West. The professionals at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West have a machine called an ozone generator. An ozone generator creates ozone which is able to permeate porous surfaces and oxidize the substances that are causing the odor. An ozone generator creates a high level of ozone which is dangerous to humans which are why they are only used by professionals in unoccupied spaces like a sealed room or an empty house.


If you should suffer a house fire or have smoke or cigarette odors that you want to remove from your furniture or home, call the fire cleanup experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149 for 24-hour emergency service. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its pre-fire condition.

Heavy rains in Indianapolis brings many flooded basements.

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Heavy rains in Indianapolis brings many flooded basements. Way too much water in my house.

With all this rain recently in Indianapolis, sump pumps are being overworked and overwhelmed. Some pumps seem to be working properly, but still allows water to backup in the basement or crawlspace.

If you have standing water (flooding) in your basement, disconnect the main electrical switch or call your local fire department to do it for you! If you are in doubt about the electrical safety of your basement, it's best to stay out of it! Remember safety first!

Call SERVPRO of Indianapolis West and our certified Water Restoration Technicians will make it "Like it never even happened."

The water removal and water cleanup process is completed by our highly-trained technicians who will document the drying process. This validates that your property has been dried properly and thoroughly.

We're routinely called to homes and business all across Indianapolis to cleanup after a flood has happened. We feel like we've seen just about everything and can handle any Fire-Water Restoration job that comes our way. That's why when Indianapolis experiences heavy rains like we're currently having, we have the training to return your home to it's preloss condition.

When water damage strikes, a fast response is critical. Day or night, Indianapolis residents and business owners can expect us to respond immediately to your water emergency. Call us, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West 24/7 for emergency services 317-243-3149.

Finding Mold In Your Indiana Home

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Finding Mold In Your Indiana Home Moisture problems can lead to mold problems.

With all the rain lately, you may have discovered mold growing in or around your home. Mold is a sign of a moisture problem that needs to be addressed to prevent mold from growing in the future. The mold itself can be especially dangerous to your health and should be removed and treated by mold remediation professionals.


Moisture Is Molds Friend


Mold happens as a result of excessive moisture. While mold out in the woods is perfectly fine, mold in your home is not a good thing. Moisture in your home can happen as a result of a leaky pipe, cracks in the foundation, cracks around your door or windows, poorly ventilated bathroom, and a damp basement or crawlspace to name a few. Due to all the rain in Spring is when most homeowners discover moisture problems. It’s important to address the moisture problems quickly, otherwise, mold can start to grow causing even further damage to your home.


Address the Moisture Problem


If your bathroom or basement or crawl space smell musty, then you probably have a moisture problem. While a dehumidifier may remove some moisture from a basement, you really want to identify what is causing the excessive moisture and fix the root of the problem. Moisture in a basement and crawl space can be caused by poor drainage from your home’s perimeter. It can also be caused by cracks in your foundation, leaky pipes, or condensation from poorly insulated pipes.


Moisture in a bathroom is usually caused by poor ventilation. After taking a shower, it is recommended to open the bathroom door to allow the excessive moisture to escape and air out of the bathroom. You may also want to make sure the exhaust fan is working properly and running when taking a shower.


By addressing the moisture problem and preventing it, you can greatly reduce the risk of mold from growing in your home in the future. Even if you don’t spot any mold around a moisture problem, it is still a good idea to have mold remediation professionals, like SERVPRO, examine your home for mold spores.


Mold Remediation


If you spot mold in your home, it is highly recommended to call SERVPRO of Indianapolis West mold experts. Our professionals will inspect, assess, and remediate your mold problem. The first step in mold remediation is fixing the moisture problem as mentioned earlier. The next step is to contain the mold and keep it from growing further. Once the mold is contained, it is removed along with the mold-infested materials like drywall and insulation.


It’s important to note that mold spores are microscopic and naturally occurring inside and outside a home. Mold spores are not dangerous and cannot be removed completely.  However, when mold spores are exposed to moisture they can quickly grow into mold colonies which can cause lots of health problems. When this happens, you should call mold remediation pros like SERVPRO of Indianapolis West to remediate the mold problem.

If you should spot mold in your home, call the mold remediation experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149 for 24-hour emergency service. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its pre-mold condition.

How to Clean Up After A Fire

4/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Clean Up After A Fire House Fire in Indianapolis

Unlike a broken pipe or a flooded basement, a fire in a home presents a unique and challenging situation when faced with restoring a home to its preloss condition. When a fire happens in a home, not only do you have the fire causing damage but there's also smoke and often times water damage from the fire department. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have a proven fire damage restoration process that we follow to ensure every fire no matter its size, is handled quickly and professionally in order to return things at home back to normal as fast as possible.

Time is of the Utmost Importance

Once the fire has been put out, it’s important to call us, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West as soon as possible. Even if it’s in the middle of the night, we're available 24/7 to help. We are ready to take your call and take action no matter the time of day or night. Sometimes the fire department needs to break windows and cut holes in the roof to vent the house so that they can fight the fire properly. If that happens to you we can properly secure the structure even in the middle of the night. Call us at 317-243-3149 and we'll help you and your family get back the life you had before the flames took over.

A Close Examination of the Fire

Examining the damage a fire has caused to a home requires experience and discipline. With a fire, you have smoke and soot that can easily move from the source of the fire to the rest of the home. It can travel through doorways, stairwells, and the duct work. It can also get into every little crack and crevice in your home from outlets, sockets, lights, and behind, under and on top of every piece of furniture and appliance.

When our fire restoration experts first arrive at your home, they will start from the source of the fire and examine every inch of your home as they fan out away from the source. If the air conditioner or heater were running during the fire, this can quickly cause the smoke and soot to be carried throughout the home. Our experts will know what to look for from years of experience in order to layout a plan of action to ensure every piece of evidence that a fire has occurred is completely gone.

Protect Against the Elements

In many home fire situations, there may be damage to the exterior of the home that would cause the outside elements, like rain, to get inside. If windows have been broken, doors kicked in, roofs damaged or exterior walls damaged from the fire, we will first board up any windows or doors and cover any roof or wall damage with tarps to keep the elements from causing further damage to your home.

The Water Has Got to Go

If the fire department was called to the fire and they had to use their trucks or hydrants to put out the fire, then you will be dealing with a lot of water damage. To keep the water from stagnating and causing mold in your home, our experts will extract the water from your home, treat any damp areas to prevent mold from growing, and employ industrial drying fans and dehumidifiers to remove all the moisture from inside your home. This step is crucial as black mold can quickly grow in situations like this causing even further damage to your home as well as being a health hazard.

Getting the Smoke and Soot Out

The next step that is taken is to clean up all the surface areas of the home that have smoke and soot damage. At SERVPRO Indianapolis West, we use special equipment and solutions to remove even the most stubborn of smoke and soot. We are highly trained to recognize smoke migration patterns and identifying the proper cleaning process to best fit each and every individual case. The smoke and soot damage can easily spread along the ceiling and through the duct work. You don’t realize how much surface area there is in your home until you have to clean every inch of it due to smoke and soot damage.

Cleaning Up the Small Stuff

Take a look around the room you are in now. Every single item that you see would most likely have to been professionally cleaned and sanitized to remove any signs that a fire happened nearby. With upholstery and fabrics, the smoke odor can sometimes be removed with special equipment that creates a gas that is able to break down the smoke molecules and remove the odors. This usually requires us taking the furniture to our facility where we can safely do this. For other items like wood furniture and other solid surfaces, we can usually scrub these down and sanitize them. For electronics, due to the many circuit boards and wires inside them, they are very sensitive to high heat and soot residue and can sometimes be difficult to fully restore.

Finishing Touches

If the fire caused any damage to floors, ceilings or walls that we couldn’t clean up or restore then our experts will replace them. This can be anything from drywall to carpets to cabinets to new flooring or ceilings. Our mission is to restore your home as if nothing ever even happened. A home fire is something we hope no one ever has to experience but if they do, then we will make it "Like It Never Even Happened."

If you should suffer a house fire, call the fire cleanup experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149 for 24-hour emergency service. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Spring Showers Bring Potential Water Damage

4/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Spring Showers Bring Potential Water Damage Spring Showers Bring Storm Damage and Water Damage to Homes

While many of us look forward to the changing season of Spring with the warmer weather and the trees and flowers starting to bloom, there is one part that isn’t so great. Springtime always seems to bring plenty of rain and plenty of rain always brings a higher risk of water damage to your home.


Roof Leaks

With the increased showers as well as high winds, roof damage can happen or be revealed as water seeps through your roof and damages your ceilings and walls. To reduce the risk of roof leaks, you should inspect your roof for any damages from the winter and inspect it after every major storm.

The most common cause of roof leaks is a damaged or missing shingle from storms or fallen branches. If you do experience water damage inside your home from the ceiling or wall, you will want to contact a professional from SERVPRO to inspect the damage, remove the water, an remediate the damage. 


Window & Door Leaks

Another common source of water damage is from old or damaged windows. Water especially from a huge storm can blow into cracks and crevices around your window causing water damage that may not be discovered quickly allowing mold to develop and cause further damage.

Make sure to inspect around your windows and doors for cracks or old caulking that has peeled or cracked off. You can usually caulk any small cracks or crevices to ensure water doesn’t seep into your home causing damage.


Broken Sump Pump

If you have a basement, you understand the importance of a sump pump. Without one water can seep into your basement and cause lots of damage. One of the most common causes of a flooded basement is a sump pump that stopped working.

To prevent this from happening, you can do three things. You can get a backup battery for your sump in case the power goes out. You can get a backup sump pump that is usually set to come on if the water rises above the normal level for your working sump pump. So if your working sump pump either stops working or can’t pump the water out fast enough, you backup will kick in.

The last thing you can do is install a water sensor alarm on the floor near the sump pump. While you may still have some water damage, at least you will be able to catch it fast and have a SERVPRO professional come out to pump out the water and dry out your basement.


Foundation Cracks

If the foundation around the base of your home and the basement walls cracks, water can seep into the basement or crawl space. A sump pump won’t help you since the water is seeping through the walls as opposed to being channeled to the sump pump.

Usually people discover foundation cracks after a big storm or when a gutter is clogged and the water is falling right by your house. Repairing foundation cracks can be a very expensive job depending on the situation but without the repair, there is no way to prevent the water leaking into your basement or crawlspace.

It never hurts to walk around the perimeter of your home checking for any potential foundation cracks as well as checking any bare walls in your basement and/or crawlspace.

Call the Pros of SERVPRO for Water Damage This Spring


If you should suffer water damage whether from Spring weather or a cracked pipe or an overflowing bathtub or toilet, call the water damage cleanup experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149 for 24-hour emergency service. You can also click here to contact us online.

At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its pre-water damage condition.

Tips to Reduce Risk of Fire in Your Indianapolis Home

10/16/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips to Reduce Risk of Fire in Your Indianapolis Home Reduce Risk of Fire In Your Indianapolis Home

October is recognized as Fire Prevention Month. As part of Fire Prevention Month, SERVPRO of Indianapolis West would like to offer helpful tips to reduce fire risk at your home.

Home Fire Statistics

According to fire experts, families has as little as 2 minutes to escape a house fire while most families mistakenly believe that have at least 5 minutes or more to escape a house fire. That is why it is so important to exit the house quickly once a fire has been realized.

Only 69% of parents believe their children know what to do or how to escape if a house fire occurs. Less than half of all parents with young children have talked to their families about fire safety and over 70% have not identified a safe place to meet outside the home in case of a fire. Over 80% of families have never practiced home fire drills.

As you can see, the statistics are alarming but by taking a little time this month, more families can be prepared in case of a house fire. By talking with your kids about fire safety, where to meet in case of a fire, and how to escape when a fire occurs; you can greatly increase the chances of surviving a fire.

Home Fire Safety Checklist

1. Create an Escape Plan & Practice

Work with your family to create an escape plan in case of a fire. Practice your escape plan with your children. Also, plan alternative escape plans in case the fire is blocking an escape. Be sure to practice a fire drill with your family and check your escape time.

2. Check Smoke Alarms

Take a few minutes to test all of your fire alarms. Make sure they all are properly working and have batteries. Most smoke alarms have a test button that you can depress to test if it works properly. Also, if you have carbon monoxide detectors, be sure to check them too. Change the batteries in your smoke alarms every year unless they are a long-life battery. It's also a good idea to test the alarms once a month.

3. Check Fireplaces, Space Heaters, and Baseboard Heaters

With the colder months approaching, you'll most likely be using your fireplace or heaters to warm your home. If you use space heaters, make sure to place them away from anything that could be flammable like curtains, blankets or furniture. This goes for fireplaces and baseboard heaters too. Experts say that a heat source should be at least 3 feet away from the heat source.

4. Be Safe in the Kitchen

Kitchen fires are one of the most common fires in homes. To reduce the risk of fire, never leave anything cooking or baking unsupervised. When frying, grilling or cooking on an open flame, keep dish rags and other flammable materials away from the burners. If you are cooking with oil, be careful not to splash or spill the oil near the burners as it can quickly flame up. It's also advisable to have a working fire extinguisher located in your kitchen in case of a small fire.

5. Be Smart and Be Prepared

By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of fire in your family's home. If a fire does occur, you can greatly increase the risk that your whole family escapes safely by planning an escape and practicing fire drills on a regular basis. This October during Fire Prevention Month, ensure your home and family are safe and are prepared in case of a house fire.

If you should suffer a house fire, call the fire cleanup experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West at 317-243-3149 for 24-hour emergency service. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have specialized equipment, professional training, and certifications that allow us to restore your home to its pre-fire condition.





Sometimes Water Damage Can't Be Prevented

9/11/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Sometimes Water Damage Can't Be Prevented Water damage to Indianapolis homes can happen anytime.

The new iPhone 7 may be waterproof but just like a home, water can find a way into it. With flooding, cracked pipes, a leaky roof, or a broken sump pump; water can find a way into your home and damage it. And hopefully just as you have insurance for your mobile phone, you also have insurance for your home.

If your home does happen to suffer from water damage, you can trust the experts at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West to clean up the damage before more has occurred. At SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of water damage. Whether it is from a flood, a backed up sewer, a roof leak, or a frozen pipe that has burst; we have the specialized equipment and professional-grade products to quickly remove the water from your home. Once the water is removed, we'll then focus on completely drying out any remaining water and moisture in the damaged areas. We'll also remove and treat any areas that may promote mold growth.

The Hidden Danger of Water Damage

While unwanted water in a home can certainly cause damage to drywall, wood floors, furniture, clothes, and other porous materials; it's the mold growth that the water promotes that can cause the most damage. Not only can mold cause substantial damage to one's home but also to one's health. That is why it is imperative to seek water and mold remediation professionals immediately after water damage has occurred. Water and mold remediation professionals, like those at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West, will work quickly to remove all water and moisture from the affected area. They will then clean and treat the area to prevent mold growth from occurring. Once the area has been completely dried and has been inspected to make sure there are no mold spores or signs of mold growth, then the damaged area can be repaired. This can include replacing the drywall, carpeting, wood floors, and sometimes subfloor depending on how long the water damage has existed.

Call The Water & Mold Damage Experts

Hopefully, you have caught the water damage early and it can be quickly remedied. But if you do have long-term water damage from a leaky pipe or roof, we have the expertise and the tools at SERVPRO of Indianapolis West to make it like it never even happened. The moment you experience or spot water damage in your home, call us anytime at 317-243-3149. Our highly trained technicians will respond immediately to your residential or commercial emergency. Whether you're in Indianapolis or the surrounding communities, we'll be there faster to your disaster than any other.